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Low Bonding Strength

PERMA ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.’s professional knowledge and advanced equipment enables us to achieve low cost, efficiency and quality control, which in turn result in superior products and competitive pricing. Our company has been specializing in Industrial Adhesives / Sealants and Low Bonding Strength for many years.


Low Bonding Strength
Suitable for sealing and retaining

  • Appear-ance:
  • Gap Filling:
  • Characteristics:
    Suitable for sealing and retaining. Easy to remove. No rust appears after removal.
  • Applications:
    For components requiring occasional repair and adjustment.
The Low Bonding Strength is specifically designed to meet our customers’ most demanding needs, as its service-friendly design provides reliable performance and easy maintenance. Please contact our sales office in Taiwan to discuss the suitability of Low Bonding Strength for your applications or email us for more information.