Product Line

6-2 E.Z. DIY Series

Order NO.EZ-SC-150
Characteristics :
  • Excellent resistance to UV and weather. Remains non-aging for at least 25 years outdoors. 
  • NO primers needed. Strong bonding strength to all kinds of materials. Applies once for all. 
  • Applies easily-just spray, brush or roll-on. The adhesive can penetrate into the concrete and become double-effect waterproof. 
  • Becomes elastomer after full cure. Excellent vibration-resistance. The most excellent outdoor Waterproof material to be used for waterproof or root and coating of chimney. 
  • Working inside the close-area, ex: reservoirs, … … #3260 100% solid content are available. 
Uncured :
  • Type:RTV-Silicone One-component 
  • Solid Content:60~70% 
  • Viscosity(cps):2000±500 
  • Use Quantity:4~8m2 /gal 
Cured :
  • Hardness Shore A(CNS 6988):26±2 
  • Tensile strength (kgf / cm2)(CNS 6988):25±3 
  • Elongation(%) at break(CNS 6988):300±20 
  • Shear Streng(kgf / cm)(CNS 6988):8±1 
  • Shrunk Factor: None 
  • 100%elastomer modulus(kgf / cm2):8
As complying with ASTM F963-96A and EN-71 standard, Perma-Cemet SC-150 is food-grade certificated.