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3-1 Green Building Material Sealant


Perma乐虎国际娱乐网址 魔矽(R) 3306 建築用變性密封矽酮膠Modified Silicone Sealant

General Purpose Construction Sealant. One Component.
PERMA 3306, Green Building Material certified, offers excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates. Its special stain resistance formula effectively reduces dirt migration and fluid rundown that cause staining and streaking on substrates, allowing the beauty of the surface to be maintained. Low VOC emissions and non toxic content reduce harm to both health and environment.

Standard Colors:
White, Ivory, Brown, Gray , Black, Light Gray, Pink and Sandstone. Custom colors can be made upon request.

◎Environmentally friendly
◎Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content. Do not contain solvents and isocyanine
◎ Waterproof and weatherproof
◎ Outstanding flexibility
◎ Special stain resistance formulation effectively reduces dirt migration that can cause staining and streaking on substrates
◎ Excellent adhesion without primer- Bondable to a wide range of substrates primerless
◎ Do not shrink or crack after cure
100% solid content.
◎ User friendly- Easy to gun and tool under a wide range of temperature.
◎ Stable curability under a wide range of temperature
◎ Paintable with most paints
◎ Interior and exterior use
★ Meets CNS 8903 Weatherability Test 8020
★ Meets ASTM C-1248
★ Meets ASTM D5116-97
★Ideal for sealing and caulking stone joints, window profiles, door frames coated and uncoated panel joints, roof joints, butt joints, tiles, coated and uncoated plates and siding, vent seams and ducts

Adheres to:
◎Metal: brass, aluminum, anodized aluminum, acrylic coated aluminum, steel, stainless steel, PVC- coated steel, tin
◎Wood: plywood
◎Plastics: polyester, nylon, ABS, PVC, FRP, PC
◎Stone materials and others: natural stone, concrete, masonry, ceramic tile, slate, glass

★Adhere to painted surface and paintable with most paint
★ Withstand temperature of -60°C~120°C
★ Ability to bond to damp surfaces and for underwater use (Not recommended for continuous underwater use on large surface areas)
★ Room temperature cure

Construction Sealants Features Chart
Construction Sealants Features Chart

Exterior Stone Stain test
Exterior Stone Stain test
*Modified silicone 魔矽MS shows less dirt migration to substrates than traditional silicone. Less dirt migration help keep buildings clean and reduce less building washing expenses.

*Modified silicone sealant shows no yellowing and cracks compares to Polyurethane after 900 hours of weatherability test.

* Modified silicone 魔矽MS can be painted. Traditional silicone is unable to take any paint.

Water Resistance (Uncured Sealant + H2O)
Water Resistance (Uncured Sealant + H2O)
* Uncured Polyurethane bubbles when encounters water and modified silicone 魔矽MS does not.

Other Silicone - Building Pollution Cases

■ 石材: 花崗岩室外曝曬幾年後,某SR傳統矽利康材料宣稱非汚染

Other Silicone - 生髒痕的途徑:靜電附著及毛細滲透


Perma MS 3306 Green Building Material Sealant

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